MCS can now offer waste water and soil analysis. 

MCS are able to provide analytical capabilities for a broad range of clients whether its characterisation and composition reports. Our mobile chemist can advise you on all waste streams testing & sampling requirements to satisfy your duty of care.

Chemist Surveys

A mobile Chemist can sample and test fuels, oils, effluents and contaminated soils. The lab is accredited to the manufactures standard, ensuring accurate results are achieved.

Industrial Water Discharge

MCS can test for water contaminants typically found in waste waters. If industrial waste waters fail consent limits set by the local water authority it can result in prosecutions. Interceptors can be inspected, sampled and tested before and after cleansing. For peace of mind interceptors can be inspected, sampled and tested regularly. Reports will be issued and any non conformances reported with a suggested plan of action for remediation.

Mobile Technical Services

To assist our clients in managing their waste streams safely and with assurance, our highly qualified chemist can provide the following services:

- identify whether your waste is hazardous or non-hazardous.

- register your premises with the Environment Agency, if waste is hazardous.

- provide straightforward understanding of your legal responsibilities.

- produce an inventory of your waste if you do not have one.

- segregate, package and label your waste ready for removal.

- produce the legal consignment note to transported throughout the movement of your waste.

- collect and transport your waste to our authorised sites through our own fleet of vehicles.

On completion we will provide you with a certificate of disposal to show your waste has been safely handled.

Waste Sampling

MCS will provide you with a quick, efficient, and same day service for the sampling of hazardous waste and its transport to our laboratory for pre-acceptance evaluation and assessment. Samples will be taken by our trained chemist and will be packaged and labelled in accordance with safety guidelines. Once your waste is received at our laboratory it is analysed to generate data for pre-acceptance assessment.

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